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Bow Canopy (Hanging Bay)

Let us show you how you can enhance the front of your house, create the illusion of more space and add natural light with our bow windows. All our windows are available in a range of gorgeous colours and designs.

If this is just the window you’re looking for, we would love to enlighten you further.

A bow window canopy is a fast and easy way of transforming a flat window into a more attractive and spacious bow window.

At Cameron Home Improvements we supply and install high quality uPVC bay and bow windows in Glasgow and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for bay/bow window supplied and fitted why dont you give us a call 01698 328381


What are UPVC Bay & Bow Windows?


Bay and bow windows are large elegant windows constructed from strong, durable, long-lasting plastic called UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride). This style of window extends outward from the home forming an external protrusion and an internal bay area.

Their shape and size make them attractive feature pieces of any home. They allow lots of light and air ventilation to enter the room making them superior alternatives to regular flat windows.

They’re perfect for large rooms such as: living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens etc.


5 Benefits of Bay & Bow Windows


There are many reasons why this style of window is the ideal choice for your home. Below we have listed 5 top benefits of having bay and bow windows installed in your home.

  1. The internal bay area creates more space in your home

  2. Their attractive appearance can increase the value of your property

  3. Their large size allows maximum light penetration to create bright spacious rooms

  4. They provide wider views of the garden and outside area

  5. They’re built to last longer than wooden alternatives and require less maintenance

Bay & Bow Window Designs

We supply and fit a large selection of high quality premium UPVC bow and bay windows. All windows can be customized with styled glass and are available in a range of colours and textures.


1. UPVC Bay Windows

The bay window is a popular and simple design made up of 3 windows. They have openings on the left and right side which are traditionally casement or double-hung windows. The centre window is a large double/triple glazed pane called the picture window.

The distance, or protrusion, from the wall is created by setting the side windows at a specific angle. The angles used to create the bay window design can be one of the following:

  • 25-degree angle

  • 35-degree angle

  • 45-degree angle


2. UPVC Bow Windows

The bow window is a larger protruding design that features multiple windows set at specific angles to create a rounded appearance with less protrusion when compared to the bay window. Each window can be a fixed double/triple glazed pane, or an opening such as casement or double-hung windows.

Bow windows are available in a number of different designs.

Three Window Bow Design

  • 3 windows with side windows set at 25-degree angles

  • 3 windows with side windows set at 35-degree angles

  • 3 windows with side windows set at 45-degree angles

Four Window Bow Design

  • 4 windows with all windows set at 10-degree angles

  • 4 windows with all windows set at 15-degree angles

Five Window Bow Design

  • 5 windows with all windows set at 10-degree angles

  • 5 windows with all windows set at 15-degree angles


Six Window Bow Design

  • 6 windows with all windows set at 10-degree angles

  • 6 windows with all windows set at 15-degree angles


Seven+ Window Bow Design


While not very common we also supply and fit bow windows with more than six windows. Please contact us for more information.

3. UPVC Box Bay Windows

The box bay window is the same as a bay window except the windows on the left and right are set at 90 degree angles from the wall. This gives the window a box, or square, design.

This design features clean lines and aesthetic symmetry that adds boldness and character to your home. Internally the square bay area significantly increases the available space in a room and is perfect for placing windows seats, computer desks, televisions and other furniture.

Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows

Here are some important differences between bay and bow windows:

  • Bay designs can only have 3 windows. 2 window bay designs exists but they’re uncommon

  • A bow window is similar to a bay window but bow designs use more than 3 windows

  • Bay windows protrude further from the home than bow windows and provide more internal space within the bay

  • Bow designs use more windows. The result is a circular rounded appearance, whereas the bay design is square/box shaped and provides more internal space


How Much Do UPVC Bay & Bow Windows Cost?


Prices start from around £1200 for a 3 window bay design including supply, fitting and labour.


Prices start from £1600 for bow designs because they require more windows and are larger in size.


Keep in mind additional features such as glazing design and coloured UPVC can also increase the price.



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